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Meaning of the Upcoming Venus Occultation

This rare transit – described as Venus passing across the Sun as in a minor eclipse – will occur on June 6, 2012 (my father’s 80th birthday). These rare transits occur in pairs that are 8 years apart, separated by a long interval of 121 years. For the past 2000 years, they have only occurred in Gemini and Sagittarius.


The following represents my best guess. Venus strongest associations are love and money. She is normally associated with pastel colors – light pink, pale blue, faint peach. Her colors are said to become vivid during occulation – very hot pink, vivid tangerine-orange , shocking purples, etc…

Sure enough, the fashion industry has followed suit, and my local Target is full of neon tangerine and electric pink clothes. None of this stuff is going to sell very well, I feel, and a lot of it will be deeply discounted before the actual date of the occultation. There is something overdone or extreme about the energy of Venus during an occultation, and the consumer senses this.

Venus will be retrograde between mid-May and June 23, 2012 as well. This means consumers will get a good deal on goods that others don’t recognize the value of – it’s a great time to hit the yard sales. But this isn’t the time to shop for new products. My guess is retailers will be seeing a lot of returns.

The Venus occultation highlights the myth of Venus, so stories related to her may play out in the lives of those around us or in the national news. Women may leave deficient men the way Venus left Hephaestus, or handsome young men may end up dying under sacrificial circumstances, recalling the love of Venus for her beloved Adonis, who she tried to protect but ultimately could not. (The ancient Greeks held an annual sacred ritual called the Adonai to commemorate adolescent and young adult males who died prematurely.)

Not all of these men will necessarily be young. A few days ago, Micah True, the 58-year-old extreme-distance runner who was featured in the book, “Born To Run”, set out for a routine 12 mile run in a remote area of New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness and disappeared.

My favorite photo of Micah True is on the right.

As I write these words, his cause of death is still undetermined. But two things stand out in my mind: True was stunningly gorgeous as a young man, and many people remarked on the purity of his facial expression as an older man. As a long-distance runner, he was a seeker who was constantly motivated by an inner quest or search. Adonai was a young hunter who adored the hunt and was killed by a wild boar that he failed to kill first.


Since this is the last Venus Occultation for more than 100 years, people who lived out the myth of Venus on a wide scale may return to our attention even though they have passed away. For some reason, Marilyn Monroe has been on my mind a lot lately, ever since I saw the incredible portrait of her by Michelle Williams in the Oscar-nominated “My Week With Marilyn”.

Michelle Williams somehow taps the myth of Venus and Adonis herself – recall her love of the doomed Heath Ledger, and also the beautiful tangerine-orange dress she wore to the Oscars which looked stunning on her but would have looked awful on nearly everyone else.

Michelle Williams amazed us with her ability to "channel" Marilyn Monroe. She was said to be the only actress director Simon Curtis wanted to cast for the role. This author can't help but notice her birthplace in Kalispell, MT (spell of Kali).

As I said, I can’t seem to get away from Marilyn Monroe. I’ve rented her movie, “Some Like It Hot”, even though I’ve never wanted to watch it before, and I haven’t watched her other films either. I did a little research in preparation for an article, but keep putting it off because I don’t have time to read a good biography. I know Marilyn Monroe had a tight Venus-Chiron conjunction, and that her Sun was closely joined to an intimidating fixed star, as was her Saturn – the focal point of her natal horoscope. Yet what keeps coming up over and over in my mind is not Venus but Lilith.

Lilith was said to be a beautiful woman and a shape-shifter who was associated with the death of babies and was also said to be at the head of armies – and Marilyn Monroe fulfilled each of these associations in her own life. Since I hadn’t been paying attention, I went back and re-checked the asteroids in her natal horoscope. Sure enough, she had Black Moon Lilith partile conjunct the royal fixed star Regulus.

It occurs to me that I really ought to try to write about Marilyn in time for UAC 2012, which will start just two weeks before the Venus occultation. Perhaps Lilith should be explored as a darker version of Venus, and maybe her myth comes to the fore during a Venus occultation as well. These are only my speculations, but we will see…


The New York Times published a eulogy for him on Sunday, May 20, 2012. It is titled, "Caballo Blanco's Last Run: The Micah True Story". It is well worth reading.

The AP reports that he died of heart disease, more specifically an enlarged heart. This symptom is associated with very thin long-distance runners of both sexes.

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