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Marilyn Monroe: A Lilith For Modern Times (Part 1)

The Venus Occultation will perfect in a few months, and my thoughts have turned to Marilyn Monroe – if any mortal woman could be said to manifest the goddess Venus, it would be this actress. I thought this would be article would be a lovely way to remember her.

Venus is very active right now – in terms of declination, she is out-of-bounds all through April and May, 2012. Venus will also be retrograde mid-May through the end of June, which means her presence will be strongly felt in the first two weeks of May (the shadow period which precedes the retrograde), her station in mid-May, and her direct station at the end of June. All reasons to pay homage to one of the greatest Venuses of an earlier time.

As we will see later in this series, Lilith is the darker, hidden Venus. Marilyn Monroe embodied them both, at a terrible cost to herself.


Every single one of her planets seemed to have an outsized influence on her life. Take her 1st House Neptune in Leo - anyone with this brand of Neptune would respond to love and worship, but Monroe was a people-pleaser extraordinaire.

All of her aspects seemed overemphasized as well. Many folks with Neptune opposite one of the lights might have a tendency toward drug and alcohol abuse, but Marilyn was so addicted that she ended up dead.

Her 1st House Ceres shows up more strongly than one might initially perceive. Though no child was involved at the center of a dispute, Marilyn Monroe may have re-enacted Ceres through her involvement as a messenger between the underworld gods of the Mafia (Pluto) and the POTUS, John Kennedy (Zeus).

Saturn formed a T-Square with the Moon-Jupiter/Neptune opposition – in fact, a heavily aspected Saturn is the focal point of the entire horoscope. In Vedic astrology, Saturn matures at the age of 36. Marilyn died at the age of 36 even though her Saturn was exalted in Vedic Libra – one might have predicted major career achievements instead of a premature death had her life circumstances manifested a little differently. This author can’t help but think of Princess Diana, another Venus-blessed beauty who also died at age 36.

Marilyn favored classic colors like black, white, red, and beige. These became the trademark colors for any woman who imitated her platinum blonde coiffure.

Or look at that Venus-Chiron conjunction on her MC. The beautiful but wounded star was how she is remembered. She was magnetic and beautiful (Venus) and vulnerable (Chiron), and incredibly sexy (the combination of Venus and Chiron as it manifested to men).

Venus shone out from every part of Marilyn’s persona. Contrast Marilyn Monroe with Angelina Jolie, who has Venus conjunct the Ascendant. Jolie has a beautiful body – even her name, Jolie, means “pretty” in French – but her personality is darker and more Plutonian. Marilyn’s public persona was pure Venus, despite the pain of her private life. On screen, she was naughty and innocent and charming and stunningly sexy and disarmingly “dumb blonde”. Few would say this of Angelina Jolie.

Since the MC is said to represent the spouse as well as a career in a woman’s chart, having Venus so close to the MC hints at why Marilyn married three times. Women with a strong Venus often find it easy to get married but difficult to stay that way, similar to what the myths tell us of Venus herself.

In fact, Marilyn’s natal horoscope was so saturated with energy that it granted her immortality long after she died. Take that Neptune-Ceres conjunction in her 1st House, for example. Fifty years after she died, a movie called “My Week With Marilyn” returned her to the admiration of a whole new generation, thanks to the amazing way that actress Michelle Williams appeared to “channel” Marilyn.

An iconic view of Marilyn on display at Dublin Roaster's Coffee Shop in Frederick, MD.

The movie was based on a book by Colin Clark, who said he was 23 when he fell in love with her and she appeared to reciprocate by nurturing him with more attention than his lowly status on a British set could ever have warranted. (While Clark may have exaggerated his story of their relationship, it does seem extraordinary that Monroe would have paid him any attention at all.)

Out of curiosity, I took a look at Marilyn Monroe’s astro-cartography map, and was a bit delighted and fascinated to discover that her Ceres MC line runs straight through Britain, while her Neptune MC line runs along the west coast of Ireland. Her desire to nurture a young man by granting him a little attention (Ceres) combined with Neptune (delusional obsession on his part) resulted in a film (Neptune) being made about her fifty years after she died. Now that’s a conjunction that continues to manifest long after death…

This famous photo of Marilyn in a white dress was meant to evoke a woman cooling off by standing on an air vent. Unfortunately, there was a photographer underneath the grate with a camera looking straight up her legs. Joe DiMaggio was reportedly furious with production, and took it out on Marilyn.

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