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Life In The Big Easy...Great music with no cover charge at BMC on Decatur St. near Esplanade.


Attendees spend a considerable amount of time trading tips on the lectures and presenters they liked, because folks find that the lectures they most wanted to attend occur in the same time slot as one or two others that were also on their bucket list. So everyone wants tips on what recordings are worth the price at the end of the conference, as well as which ones might be worth skipping.

Here’s a continuation of what I’ve liked so far:

CHRIS TURNER – Suddenly I’m Old. How Did That Happen?

“I think I believe in reincarnation, but even if I don’t, I’ve lived a lot of lives.”- Chris Turner

Chris Turner, a spunky and opinionated 70 year old Australian, designed this workshop because she felt there is only limited structure for interpreting the horoscopes of clients past age 60, and even less for those past age 75.

As one of the youngest people present, I learned a lot from this presentation, and not only from Turner, but from the audience. Comments from the audience will enhance this recording if they are preserved.

Turner talked about the Pluto-in-Leo’s insistence on demanding change on social issues – from feminism to divorce – and says they will continue their demands into old age, requesting not to be abandoned in nursing homes, and voluntary euthanasia for those who want it. These are older people who hope to return to live with their families, even though Pluto-in-Aquarius suggests the death of the conventional family.

She also mentioned that the Pluto-in-Leo’s born in the late 1940’s and 1950’s will experience a Pluto opposition between the ages of 85 – 90, the first generation to experience this transit since the planet was discovered, and also the first cohort to experience it at such a young age.

It used to be that a lot of people died around the Uranus return at age 84, but this age is increasing for many people. Elderly people still have a tendency to die very close to their birthdays, indicating involvement from the Solar Return.

Turner bluntly states that living longer than age 84 may not be all that desirable for many of us. She feels a widow in her early 80’s may not have that much to live for – the relationship with the great-grandchildren is nowhere near as close or special as it is with the grandchildren – and it is the relationship with grandchildren which sweetens the lives of the elderly.


QUIK RESTAURANT TIP: Palace Cafe on Canal St. near the Marriott has amazing pecan catfish for $17.00.

Venus descending a staircase during busy lunch at Palace Cafe.

ONE MORE RESTAURANT TIP: Domenica in the Business District has a great half-price happy hour. Spicy lamb meatball pizza, and very good desserts. Don't miss!


PRISCILLA COSTELLO – Playing The Hand That Pluto Has Dealt

This presentation was a scattered grab bag of many different ideas – Plutonian spiritual practices, shielding techniques in Plutonian situations, Pluto’s natal aspects to the Sun, and Pluto’s transits were all covered.

A natal Pluto-Sun aspect may make us especially vulnerable to seduction or being overwhelmed by a member of the opposite sex. A Pluto transit to the Sun (or a transit to the progressed Sun) may indicate the possibility of surgery or weight loss – it can really change one’s appearance. Diets done during this year have a greater chance of success.

Listeners who are hoping for a focused presentation may become somewhat frustrated by this lecture. Those who are comfortable piecing together many different topics as they listen will probably enjoy it.

GLENN PERRY – Oppositions: The Scylla and Charybdis of the Birthchart

Perry has a smooth, melodious speaking voice (he’s a professional therapist) and is reliably focused throughout the presentation, so this recording should be worth the money.

The take-away lesson is that natal oppositions reveal the essence of what one achieves in terms of a career or contribution to society. For example, Mark Zuckerberg’s chart is full of oppositions. His Venus closely opposes Saturn, Mars, and the Moon, and he has another tight opposition between Mercury and Pluto. The oppositions manifested with his creation of Facebook – Zuckerberg designed it for those who want to have relationships (Venus), but want to be in control of the dynamic (Saturn). Facebook also allows us to dig out (Pluto) information (Mercury) about others with whom we might be in relationship.

Perry does equally insightful analysis of the T-Squares in the natal charts of Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) and George Lucas (creator of Star Wars). Listeners will be thinking about how they express their own oppositions in terms of career or personal ambitions by the time they finish this recording.

ARLAN WISE – An Astrological Look at Internet Dating

Wise first does a run-down on the houses from a dating perspective, and then surveys the on-line dating landscape with cautionary tales about romance fraud, and other mistakes that Internet daters tend to make. She is protective and reformist - her current relationship is with someone she met through on-line dating – but in her own words, Internet dating can be a “playground for overactive Uranus and projective, wishful Venus”.

A number of topics are covered – 1st meeting charts and the value of particular transits. Long-term and important relationships often begin under Venus Rx, while there are more likely to be a lot of false starts under Mercury Rx. A strong Pluto transit will change your life situation, and may also bring about a relationship with someone totally different from anyone you have ever dated before.

Anyone single or in a relationship with someone he or she met on the Internet is likely to enjoy this presentation – it’s a very occult Venus topic!


Certain cities express astrological polarity in a very visible way. Polarity is a pair of opposite signs, like Aries and Libra.
TIP FROM MY ROOMMATE: New Orleans is a purely Scorpio city, but they eat like Taureans (foodies all the way).


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