Monday, January 4, 2010

Wedding Dates Made Simple - No Astrology Smarts Necessary!

Try choosing a wedding date astrologically, and you quickly find out how convoluted and variable-ridden astrology can be. You’re supposed to consider the Moon’s position, and maybe you should be checking transits on your composite chart, or an evil eclipse may spike its heel in an otherwise perfect date. Love and marriage is supposed to go together like a horse and carriage, you might be thinking, so what is all this?

Or you could just throw out everything you’ve ever read or heard about finding the “right” date, and get the most accessible book on Sabian symbols, which is probably Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom. Pick a date that feels right to you, and enter that date onto any free Internet website (try typing “free birth chart” in Google) to get the degree of the Sun for that date. Then look at the Sabian symbol for that degree. If it feels like this symbol embodies everything leading up to your marriage, this is the right date.

Don’t shy away from a date with a Sabian symbol that appears negative at first glance. Be honest with yourselves – this may accurately describe the background events in the air during the months preceding your wedding. At least one partner should have an “a-ha” moment with regard to the symbol, and it will frequently resonate for both of you. Voila! The simplest and easiest way to pick a wedding date.

Then take a look at the following two degrees – this represents events or qualities that will take shape in the month or months after the wedding. Here you can pick and choose a little, for some futures will undoubtedly seem more attractive than others, but you should still select a foundation date that matches your circumstances most closely. The point of getting married is to be true to yourselves. On occasion, the subsequent degrees may carry some obvious hints for the correct foundation degree. If the second image is describing the Tulieries Garden, and you have already planned a honeymoon in Paris, pay attention.

Here are a couple of true-life examples to get you started. One of my friends selected a wedding date that corresponded with Gemini 6. As soon as I read her the Sabian symbol and interpreted the “fit”, she recognized her own situation instantly. Gemini 6 (Workmen Drilling For Oil) is about the drive to plumb the depths in order to come up with a reward. All of the Sabian symbols have dual energy, something that is also true of planets, asteroids, numbers, you name it. The dark side of this symbol is immediately obvious. It speaks of gold-digging, and making a fortune through the resources of others. She was marrying a wealthy older man. In the months leading up to the wedding, it didn’t matter how the couple perceived themselves. The point was that so many people around her perceived the gold-digging appearance of her marriage.

But the subsequent degrees held out a lot of hope. The next image, Gemini 7 (An Old-Fashioned Well with the Purest and Coldest of Waters) speaks of drawing on deep and sustaining resources, and links to the past. It infers an old-fashioned marriage that both partners might see as a refreshing oasis - a tall, cool glass of something rejuvenating. The last image, Gemini 8 (Strikers Surrounding A Factory), suggests what they would learn from the marriage - negotiation and plenty of give-and-take.

And this is, in fact, what happened. They’re both strong communicators who take turns being a “striker” or being “management”, shoring up wisdom as they seek common ground. Now this friend offers ME relationship advice.

Sometimes the Sabian symbols will be more apparent to a couple’s friends or family, even if the couple doesn’t perceive the “fit”. Married folks who are reading this article and looking up their date only to think, “This sure wasn’t us,” ought to get a second opinion from the “mom-law” or close friend. In my own experience, one former friend who was getting married had Sagittarius 22 (A Chinese Laundry) as the next symbol after her foundation symbol. Sure enough, she cleaned house and cleared out all her friends who weren’t “good enough” once she was married, a tactic that hurt her former Musketeers more than she would ever know or care.

If you’re picking a date, keep in mind that it is rare to find three consecutive Sabian images whose positive connotations will seem immediately apparent. If two of them seem positive and relevant, that’s a good sign. The last one may be a little secret for after the wedding (why get married if there are no surprises?). Also remember that you will likely deal with the positives and negatives of all three symbols. Life is like that. It’s why the traditional marriage vow is “for better or for worse”.

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